So this is a webnovel.

It talks about a lot of things, but I feel that even spoiling the premise would be spoiling. But lets just say its high power fantasy (think shonen or even xianxia, but only as far as powers are concerned) with multiple character perspectives, politics and a meta twist.

I currently write mostly for experience, but in the unlikely event I get popular, I’ll consider adding a donation system, and even doing this full time if it becomes popular enough. Currently, though, its mostly a way to hone my skills and a hobby. Feel free to leave criticisms.

Chapters are grouped into arcs. Each arc has 1 chapter for each PoV character, plus 1 interlude for a character whose PoV we do not usually get . Arc length may vary with number of characters. The first arc is the prologue, and as so, it only has 1 chapter and 1 interlude long, but other arcs will be longer.

For the time being, I’ll release 1 chapter every 5 days- screw weeks, I’d rather write at a pace than at a calendar. I may pick the pace up if this gets popular or if I get better, faster, or stronger at doing it.

This story won’t have explicit sex scenes, as I am not striving to write porn, but everything else (including nonexplicit sex, when necessary for the story, and also including gore, grotesque imageries, bad language and screwed up situations) is considered fair game. Consider yourself warned if you fear these things. That said, this serial won’t focus on such things all the time, it just won’t avoid them either. I am not striving for maximum darkness, just maximum chaos.

Storryeater (me) can be contacted at storryeater@gmail.com